Mission Statement

The purpose of the Senate Library Committee is to discuss resources, policies and procedures of all of the libraries at the University in order to assure that the research and informarion needs of all members of the University community are met and that the highest standards are maintained.  The Committee's mandate extends to future library services and facilities.

The Committee's chairperson serves as a member of the ITSC (Information Technology Steering Committee) and the Committee also appoints one of its members to LANIS (Library Automation and Network Information Services).

Normally, meetings of the Committee are held four to six times during the academic year and are open to all members of the University community.  Minutes are distributed to all Committee members as well as to the Senate Office.

In addition to the Committee's annual written report to the Senate, special reports are made to the Faculty Assembly and the Senate Council from time to time in order to keep them informed of Committee concerns or, when appropriate, to present the resolutions for action by those bodies.